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CBS is one of the oldest and most recognizable icons of American media. As a provider of quality news, sitcoms, and dramatic programming for countless decades CBS is one network most TV viewers tune into each day to catch their favorite shows. For cord-cutters, losing CBS might leave them with some heartburn. But, do you really need cable to watch CBS?

The simple answer is: you don't. We'll show you how to watch CBS without cable using both free and paid options in this guide.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to stream CBS:

  Price Channels Free Trial  
$64.99 – $154.99 140+ 5 days

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$7.99 – $82.99 85+ 30 days

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$74.99 – $94.99 220+ 7 days

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$4.99 – $99.99 N/A 7 days

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How to Watch CBS Online and Over the Air Without Cable

When it comes to live TV streaming services, you can watch CBS with a variety of streaming services. There's just one more thing to say about live TV streaming services, and it's our only bit of bad news: in the case of each of the live TV streaming services we list, CBS coverage will vary by region. Unfortunately, not every local CBS affiliate is on board with every streaming service. If you're looking to watch CBS, here are the main ways you can watch it without cable right now:

Can I Watch CBS on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Chromecast?

CBS is a major broadcast network, so it makes sense that it would also have major platform support. You can watch it on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, and more! There’s no need to limit yourself to watching CBS on one device when you can watch it on, well, pretty much all of the devices.

Most Popular Shows to Watch on CBS

You may have your favorites, but do you know all that CBS has to offer when you tune in? CBS has been around for ages, and like a fine-aged wine or cheese, it keeps getting better. Check out this list to see some of the most popular shows on CBS right now:

More to Watch for Fans of CBS

What should CBS fans watch when they’re not watching CBS? Well, there are a few different channels that we would recommend. If you love a channel with news and amazing originals, then you should check out our guides on how to watch ABC without cable and how to watch NBC without cable. With either one of these channels, you’ll have plenty of content to stream.

If those two channels aren’t exactly your flavor, then stroll over to our guide on how to watch FOX without cable. Between “MasterChef,” “The Masked Singer,” and “Domino Masters” FOX is a premier streaming destination.

20 thoughts on “How to Watch CBS Without Cable in 2023

  1. john gadd says:

    Ok I am completely confused. I used to get CBS TV shows over the air. Recently, the local TV station did something and I was told to rescan. That did not work. I cannot change the direction of the antenna in the attic, I am too old to get back up there. I have internet and a decent monitor and a “smart tv” and I have subscribe to Netflix. I don’t think I can put an app on the TV. So I will watch my morning CBS news and Survivor on my computer. My question. What is the least costly way to do this. Please, please make it simple.

    1. David A Brown says:

      CBS is free however is the hardest free channel to get. I get most clear but also if you have tree’s and know that there can be several antenna’s in different directions even Omi will not get them for they lie there not true 360 and when you buy another and another you could of get a year cable. HULU is live at 60+ for local free not worth paying for it, you might need to move the antenna like me 3 times and am tired of trying another one at a cost.

  2. RO says:

    Whew! Faint gray font on white background is just too hard to see! Moving on to other cord cutting info sites…

    1. Silver Sandals says:

      Agree totally! Light fonts don’t help anyone. Now if TV shows would stop playing music over the dialogue I might be tempted to watch TV again.

  3. Paul E Brecht says:

    CBS has disappeared from OTA channel in at least four different antenna setups I have, I rent mobile homes. It’s local channel 10 in the Tampa market. Can you get an explanation? Cannot find any information on the web about it.

  4. Alisa Hepler says:

    Ya’ll suck. I can download NBC and ABC apps and watch their shows for free a week after broad cast. I am disabled and can no longer afford paying to watch TV and I can’t get reception even with an antenna. I would never watch you again, even if I could afford it.

  5. Michelle Calhoun says:

    I’m not paying for free TV and if CBS took their stuff off free antenna TV then they don’t deserve for anybody to watch them

  6. Anonymous says:

    This sucks, because I used to get Paramount TV Free. Now I can’t get CBS sports unless I pay another charge. Direct TV always wants to try and charge me for every channel that I would like to watch. What a freaking drag.

  7. Norman says:

    This sucks, because I used to get Paramount TV Free. Now I can’t get CBS sports unless I pay another charge. Direct TV always wants to try and charge me for every channel that I would like to watch. What a freaking drag.

  8. Ron T says:

    I long for the days of getting free TV on my 13” B+W. We had a hanger for an antenna, and a pliers to change the channel, but I didn’t have to pay, or remember a password, or be on hold for an hour with a cable company to figure out how an app works. I like the new show The Unicorn, I watched Season 1 on Netflix. Now I won’t be able to see season 2. Annoying.

  9. Rob says:

    We haven’t had CBS in Boston over the air in a couple of years. They claim it’s channel 10, which doesn’t exist. Too bad. I’d like to watch the Olympics, but they’re on CBS.

  10. Anonymous says:

    woops. I should never write while I’m still asleep.
    I wrote about CBS when I meant NBC, which we haven’t had in Boston in a couple of years.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sling is garbage, you do not get access to local channels, which they advertise that you do.

  12. lynn says:

    Here is a great secret! Buy an OMNI DIRECTION FM antenna on line for about $25.00. It picks up ALL TV signals with out having to move the antenna. About 20″ diameter & easy to install.

    1. HistoryTeacher says:

      Guess what? The Tampa affiliate still will black out content. Right now, CBS is showing one football game, and the free local the air CBS is blocking that out and showing a breast cancer special. WHY?

      This article does not address the ways local CBS tower providers STILL block and black out what should be the natioal live free OTA content.

    2. Marion. says:

      OTA antenna do not work in my area. I am too far from the tower. Is there any way to watch CBS and local channels free?. I live in Lake Elsinore, CA.

  13. Barbara Manchester says:

    I want to cut the cord, picked up a Roku, but in oder to watch cbs NCIS live I got to sign into a cable providers, why have Roku if I got to have cable to watch. Plus I live in a mobile home what kind of antenna do I need to watch free tv.

  14. Patsy Sherman says:

    The irony is that the major networks were all free (with commercials) and accessible to anyone with an Antennae. The further away you lived, the bigger or higher your antennae had to be. Then came along Cable TV that gave you the same without the commercials or the antennae. No commercials was the clincher to subscribe to Cable TV. Once cable got their hooks into everyone, the commericals started to slowly appear again. Later, we were paying for commerical free cable but with commercials. By that time, everyone was hooked on Cable since it gave a clear reception without the free air wave snow. Now we are all dependant on Cable or Streaming. The free antennae connection for major networks has become a thing of the past and no one in todays world has the understanding of how to reconnect “Old School”. Even most Deed Restricted Neighborhoods do not allow an antennae visible from the street view which keeps most people from getting good enough reception. It seems free TV is a thing of the past.

  15. Roberta says:

    I cut the cable years ago. I hooked up a LEAF antenna indoors from Walmart that I paid around $40 for and I got about 20 network stations aka local broadcast tv and close by. The best part is the picture is far superior to that with the cable. You switch your tv input to antenna and auto tune the channels every now and then. Switch to HDMI for streaming netflix, Hulu and Amazon etc. I have a Roku on one tv and a fire stick on another. I finally bought a smart tv and that one is set up to switch between live tv and whatever app I want to use. You will get CBS if there is a local affiliate or one not too far.

  16. Britt Reid says:

    CBS is not viewer friendly. I can watch the CW online without paying for a streaming service. Sure, there are commercials, but not as many as if I was watching the CW over broadcast TV. I should be able to do the same with CBS but I can’t.

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